Is anyone else semi obsessed with Friends? I LOVED watching it when I was younger...I even thought of creating a trivia game for it.

Q: Where did Chandler say he was moving to in order to get away from Janice?
A: Yemen

Q: When Ross got a new couch and it got stuck in the stairwell, what did he repeatedly yell?
A: Pivot! (Please tell me you yelled that in a Ross voice when you read it!)

Q: How was Chandler's name printed on magazines that were mailed to his apartment?
A: Chanandler Bong

I think that last one was on one of their own trivia games, but it's a classic. I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode at least twice, and I've started watching the reruns again. On Nick at Nite. Which depresses me. How am I old enough to have my favorite shows (which I watched in high school/college) to be playing on Nick at Nite?? Last week they showed the episode where they all turn 30, and let me tell you from someone who is turning 30 this year, they are older than 30...or I think I look younger than that. Or will I always think they look older than me? Even when I'm 50? I guess we'll see. But I'm right there with Joey...why God why?! This girl is not looking forward to turning 30 this year. At all.

Anyway....maybe egg white omelets will keep me looking younger? I dunno. I do think that these are great if you're on a diet right now...and they're great if you're not, too. You really can put anything into it that you want. Mine has cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and spinach--one of my favorite combos. I realize cheddar cheese isn't exactly on most diets, but you can use low fat, just a tiny bit, or none.

I really have no way to relate an omelet to Friends, but that's where my brain is at tonight. My apologies.
Egg White Omelet Recipe
Makes one
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Note: If you want to use the whole egg, just scramble the two eggs together before you add them to the pan.

Small handful of baby spinach
1 large mushroom, sliced
Sliver of butter
2 egg whites
Salt and pepper
2 tablespoons cheddar cheese, shredded

In a small skillet, melt the sliver of butter over medium heat. Add the mushroom slices and cook until softened, about 5 minutes. Add the spinach and cook until just wilted. Spoon the mushrooms and spinach to a bowl and set aside.

Spray a spatula with cooking spray.

Spray the same skillet with cooking spray and add the egg whites. Cook for a couple of minutes until the bottom is set. Season with salt and pepper. Slide the spatula under the eggs and carefully flip them. Place the cheese, mushrooms, and spinach on half of the eggs and flip the other side on top of the toppings. When the cheese is melted, remove the omelet to a plate and serve.
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01/07/2013 9:51am

I agree! I still feel like Nick at Nite should be showing I Love Lucy and Bewitched---you know, stuff that was still in black and white!

01/07/2013 8:42pm

Your Friends trivia cracked me up - the episode where they get the couch stuck in the stair well is absolutely hillarious...makes me thankful I don't have to take stair wells into account when moving large objects ;) This is such a healthful and delicious breakfast! Every morning should start this way! I'd stick some salsa on top and be the happiest camper ever!

01/08/2013 7:29am

Your post makes me want to enjoy this delicious omelet in front of the tv with a blanket! Thanks for sharing!


Laura Roberts
01/08/2013 4:53pm

I also love Friends! My favorite episode is The One That Could Have Been. Rachel marries Barry, Monica stays fat, Ross is still married to Carol. Have you seen How I Met Your Mother? A lot of people compare it to Friends and I enjoy it. :)

Do you use the yolks to make something else? Or just toss 'em?

She Makes and Bakes
01/08/2013 6:15pm

I love that episode!! I haven't seen it but I guess I should. I just toss the egg yolks. You could make ice cream with them though!


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