Did you guys make New Years resolutions? I admit that I didn't this year. With everything up in the air, I couldn't add another thing to my already overwhelmed life. Last year, my resolution was to try a new recipe or two every week. I did really well for a few months, then I started my blog, then I forgot about it. That's what happens, right? We eventually just forget about those pesky resolutions? By the way, how come every time I type resolutions I want to type resolutations? That's definitely not a word. Maybe my resolution can be typing better. Maybe.

When I was in high school, I was at church youth group, and we went around a circle and said our resolutions. I was slouched over like I normally sat and was listening to other people. When it was my turn, I said that mine was having better posture. Then I realized that my posture was completely terrible and I should probably get a better goal for the year. Something that I wouldn't break in 2.5 seconds.

So I know many resolutions are centered on eating better/losing weight. While this crostini isn't going to throw you off your new diet, it's probably not extremely healthy. It's very tasty though, and I love it for a light lunch or appetizers at one of the bowl games. We need to girl those college football games up a little bit. I love how pretty it is, and I downed about 5 of these today because they are good. First, who doesn't love bread? Then you top it with some apricot jam, a slice of brie, and pomegranate seeds. Creamy, sweet, and tangy are all flavors we want right now. Right? Oh and I know that this isn't technically a crostini because the bread isn't toasted, but we can pretend, right? I really liked it with a crusty baguette and didn't feel the need to toast it, too.

Apricot Brie Crostini
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This is more of a method than a recipe, so make how much you want.

Apricot jam
Brie log
Pomegranate seeds

Slice the baguette into pieces. Spread about one tablespoon of jam on each piece. Slice the brie log into thin slices and place on top of the jam. Sprinkle the pomegranate seeds on top and serve. You could make this ahead of time and store in the refrigerator, too.

Inspired by 5280 magazine
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01/19/2013 12:31pm

This is so pretty! Perfect for my next party :)


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